WATCH: Alberto Rossini vs Ida No

Alberto Rossini vs Ida No - Italians Do It Better - Glass Candy

Shot in Montreal last February - Live On The Set Of A Martin D’Argensio Photo Shoot For “Body Work” - the Italians Do It Better family just unveiled this intimate “flashcard interview” with none other than Glass Candy‘s Ida No.

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JPEG – Let Her Know

JPEG - Let Her Know - Woven Records

The circumstances surrounding JPEG‘s latest release, or rather the coming of its name, shed but a glimpse of light into this haunting track. More »

Wings: Ninja Tune’s “Invisible” Weapon

The Invisible - Wings

I had been waiting for The Invisible‘s second outing for quite some time – three years now since their 2009 Mercury Music Prize nominee. Released on June 11 on Ninja Tune, Rispah delivered but in a completely different way that I had expected. More »



Although I’m not really sure I understand what’s going on this hastily cut video, Instant Lover seems to be about a bunch of pretty girls cooking and trying various Instant Lover formulas/recipes. More »


Modular: I Dream of Wires

I guess in a time where Joel Zimmerman is building a Modcan system the size of a cozy bathroom and young noisemakers are filtering their iPhone apps through a series of Korg’s latest $50 creations; some light should be shed on modular synthesis. More »

WATCH: Chromatics – These Streets Will Never Look The Same


Shot on location in Mexico City, Las Vegas and Montreal – behold Alberto Rossini’s latest creation for the Italians Do It Better imprint. This time Rossini tackles a track from one of the year’s best records, Chromatics’ Kill For Love. This video for These Streets Will Never Look The Same offers a dissonant kaleidoscopic perspective, all in bleak black and white tape texture.

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WATCH: Wrong Cops, a Film By Quentin Dupieux


French beardo, musician and film maker: Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo has recently unveiled his latest project – Wrong Cops. A feature length film in the same flavour as Steak, only this time it centers around a rather strange police officer, named Duke, who sells weed embedded inside dead rats, because it’s “easier to carry and more discreet”. Obviously!

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Newfoundland Tack, for Dan Deacon

I’m not a very big Dan Deacon fan but if I had to choose one song, Surprise Stefani would get the nod. Then again, this post is less about Dan and more about the smashingly creative Newfoundland Tack team, for whom I’ve developed an almost obsessive affection in the past months. More »