Although I’m not really sure I understand what’s going on this hastily cut video, Instant Lover seems to be about a bunch of pretty girls cooking and trying various Instant Lover formulas/recipes. But then they’re at the beach, then they’re smoking, then they’re applying Instant Lover cream to their scalps… The Brazilian four piece of Zémaria is revealed after the three quarter mark of the video, 1 girl singing with 3 boys playing music.  Typical. The song itself is very catchy with childlike high pitch vocals (that sound like oldschool broken Engrish Air) that are complemented by a bouncing flanged-out bass line and a solid, SOLID, chorus.

Is this Brazilian electro pop? Not so fast. The Zémaria facebook page claims the song was written and produced by none other than Pégasse, French co-founder of the Fvtvre imprint and member of the Valérie Collective. It all make so much sense now!

Stream the full EP bellow, and make sure to check out b-side Great Escape and the remixes by fellow frenchmen Juveniles, Camara and Equateur!

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Mincha Hit by Seavibe, JPEG


Seavibe stalwart JPEG’s latest contribution comes to us via a remix of Mincha’s ‘All the Way’.

Though he’s working on numerous other projets, which you’ll be able to read all about here soon, he’s found the time to work on another great Seavibe track which was submitted to Birdy Tweek’s remix contest. He’s put a beautiful rub on the original that will keep you in from the cold. More »

5 Questions For Club Roll Music


Club Roll Music was hatched by some of Montreal’s most elite music business people a few months ago. It’s a label born out of the need for POP Montreal founder Daniel Seligman (with ex Last Gang exec Lenny Levine) to finally  have a hand in one part of the music world he hadn’t touched yet; publishing music! They’ve already picked up a handful of local emerging talent such as Jef Barbara and Karneef. We reached Dan Seligman himself for comments earlier this month. As you’ll see after the jump, this shit is for real. More »

Echolocation Vol. 2: French Fox

Echolocation Vol. 2: French Fox

Echolocation is a mixtape series that seeks to expose various musical schools of thought. Once in a while these will pop up, curated by musicians, label owners and DJs we approach. In this fully billingual installment, we link up with Montreal’s French Fox. Get the scoop after the jump! More »

Mutek_14 Preview


For those who live under a well groomed rock of blissful ignorance and don’t know what Mutek is: it’s a festival of avantgarde electronic music held each year in Montreal’s springtime funtime. The first year I went was in 2009 where I got the chance to see my favorite show of all time at the Metropolis – Moderat. Mutek’s reputation is built on a forward thinking artistic vision – this year is no exception. In this post I will dissect the first wave of announced performers, which will preemptively prompt me to declare this year’s 14th edition (held from May 29th to June 2nd) – a great success! More »

Label Profile: BLWBCK


NOTICE:  The following is in French.

Au mois de novembre dernier je suis tombé par hasard sur le site web d’un label qui a su m’absorber depuis. Avec une sélection d’artistes émergents impressionante qui représentent un panoplie de styles musicaux, BLWBCK est déjà très bien établi depuis sa naissance en 2011. J’ai donc décidé d’approcher les fondateurs du projet, le trio Toulousien de Simon, Romain et Adrien pour en apprendre plus. Trois amis qui en on long à dire sur l’évolution du label ainsi de l’importance des formats de distribution physique en 2013. More »


Five Underrated Songs of 2012

In the spirit of the year end review period, we invited a bunch of our friends to chime in on the subject. Here is Venomblog head honcho and chillwave aficionado/composer Box of Wolves‘  contribution: five dark horse songs of 2012. Check it out after the break! More »


Best Records of 2012

For those who listen to alot of new music, the end of November and early December is a chance to revisit and rediscover what made the year – who stood out of the pack, who had the sounds that will be immortalized in our collective unconscious. This year we invited a bunch of our friends and fellow music nerds to contribute and weigh in on the subject. The result is lengthy post about the year 2012 in music from a variety of perspectives. They all made their picks, and they can be found after the break!
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Booty Bakery Booty Based Mob, Vol. 1

When a few young misfits hatched a plan to start a new weekly in my guest room in the summer of 2011, I don’t think any of us imagined we’d be sitting here over a year later talking about a free (pay what you want) compilation issued by this now staple Montreal crew.  Booty Bakery, (curated by Phil Sparkz, Compton Chic and Victor Bongiovanni) wanted to push a certain forward thinking club music sound that ended up bringing much of Montreal’s beat scene together. Through their high quality guests, the Booty Bakery dancefloors blurred the lines between dancehall, bass, UK funky, gangsta rap and everything mildly related.

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J. Riley Hill - Fio

As usual, there have been a flurry of quality music videos to emerge from the ether in recent times so we decided to expose them here one by one. Let’s dive deep, shall we.  VOLUME 2!

More »


Echolocation, Vol. 1: Dub Ditch Picnic Records

Echolocation is a mixtape series that seeks to expose various musical schools of thought. Once in a while these will pop up, curated by creators, label owners and DJs we approach. In this first post we explore the very eclectic sounds of Dub Ditch Picnic Records, a tape focused imprint based out of Winnipeg. 

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